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Analele Universitatii Titu Maiorescu - Titu Maiorescu University law review 2023

ISBN/ISSN: 1584-4781_2023
Editura: Hamangiu
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Din cuprinsul Analele Universitatii Titu Maiorescu - Titu Maiorescu University law review 2023

Some assessments on issues related to the legal status of persons belonging to national minorities
Nicolae Voiculescu / Maria-Beatrice Berna 

The importance of reported crimes in criminological research
Bogdan Virjan 

The contribution of cesare beccaria to the development of criminological thought
Bogdan Virjan 

The particulars of the judgment pronounced in the special procedure of the successional partition. Reconsideration of the editing term of Judicial decision
Liliana Catalina Alexe 

Substantive conditions of the mortgage contract on copyright
Christine Giulia Abaza 

Ratification versus accession in the context Of transposing international labour organisation convention no. 190/2019
Tudor-Gabriel Apetri 

The authorship regime in criminal law – Exploring doctrinal values and aspects
Andreea Arosoaie (Acsinte) 

Remarks on the emergence and evolution of the concept of the responsibility to protect
Gabriel Micu 

In the beginning was the word
Ratiu Flavia Simona Petridean 

The relevance of the concept of discrimination in legal employment relations
Dragos Lucian Radulescu 

The legal protection of three-dimensional scientific-artistic creation
Alina Teaca

The role and importance of Romanian parliamentary structures in promoting leadership in foreign policy
Titi Sultan 

Micro micro-study of analysis regarding the absence of representative quality vs. The absence of proof of representative quality in a comparative context
Alexandru Valentin Varvara