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Acta Universitatis. Supliment 2005. English Edition

Universitatea Lucian Blaga Sibiu
ISBN/ISSN: 1582-4608
Editura: Hamangiu
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ACTA Universitatis Lucian Blaga (Sibiu) - English Edition



1. Private Law

Ovidiu UNGUREANU, The Right to Honour and the Right to Dignity

Radu-Gheorghe GEAMANU, The Industrial Contracts (I)

Codruta HAGEANU, The Circulation of the Lease

Gina ORGA-DUMITRIU, The Contractual Liability of the Carrier for the Deed of a Third person

Sebastian SPINEI, Historical Remarks on the Appeal

Cornelia MUNTEANU, Historical Remarks on the Legal Notion of Property

Dana Elena MORAR, The Natural Person's Right to Name 

Laura-Maria CRACIUNEAN, The Responsibility of the Landlord for the Right Abuse and the Abnormal Neighbourhood Inconvenients

2. Public Law

Gilbert GORNIG, Ioana RUSU, The Notion of "Person Who Disturbs the Public Order" in German Police Law

Stephane COTTIN, The Public Service of Dissemination of the French Law on the Internet

Mircea BADILA, The New Criminal Code. Crimes and Offences on Genetic Manipulation

Daiana Maura VESMAS, Theoretical Aspects Concerning the Political and Judicial Control of the Executive and the Contemporary Romanian Public Administration 

Manuel GUTAN, Building the Romanian Modern Law - why is it Based on Legal Transplant? 

Vasile VIDRIGHIN, Aspects of the Activity of the Victims' Protection and Criminals' Social Reintegration Service 

Remus JUGASTRU, The Criminalistic Identification by the DNA Genotype Method (I) 

Andreea Cecilia VLAD, Madalina MIHAILA, The Sanction Renouncement and the Delay of the Sanction Application - New Institutions of the Romanian Criminal Code 

Ion REBECA, Aspects of The Restriction of Garnishment Use in Tracking Money Amounts in Romanian and Foreign Law


Calina JUGASTRU, The Rights of Personality and the Internet: Tradition and Perspectives in the Romanian Legal System (I)


Cristina ONET, The Tax Evasion in the Light of Law no. 241/2005 


Case-law of the European Court of Human Rights, selected and summarised by Bianca SELEJAN-GUTAN

Cases from the High Court of Cassation and Justice, selected and summarised by Codruta HAGEANU and Viorica DUMITRACHE 


Constantin BUTIUC, An Inter-War Period's Editorial Event


Patrice Jourdain, Les principes de la responsabilite civile, Dalloz, Paris, 2003, 168 p. (Laura-Maria CRACIUNEAN)

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